07 January 2012

How can we Remember?

Our pastor contacted me early this week to say that on Sunday, when she comes as usual to administer communion and blessings, she would also like to do with the children what she will have done with the adults during the service - that is, to offer everyone the chance to dip their fingers into blessed water and bring it to their foreheads as a memorial of their baptism.

And so, although I had initially been planning to do the Epiphany lesson this week, I've changed my plans and will be doing the Baptism lesson. And there's one reason in particular that I'm glad about that.

Last year, one mother reported back to me that her child had come home somewhat concerned about being unable to remember the child's own baptism. The baptism lesson tells us to Remember the day of your baptism! This child was apparently distressed not to be able to do that in a literal sense.

Tomorrow, our pastor will tell the children that this touching of blessed water to their foreheads is one way to Remember your baptism.

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  1. I have yet to discover a way to do the Baptism lesson that fits our situation, because we do not practice infant baptisms. I have simply been skipping the lesson, but know how important baptism is and need to figure this out! Funny enough when in a traditional GP classroom the Baptism work is my favorite to see on the shelf.


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