07 January 2012

a small milestone

Today the 20th person signed up to officially "follow" this blog. I'm so thankful for everyone who reads this blog, and especially for those who leave their mark by becoming an official follower, by commenting, by linking back to me, or just by getting in touch to mention that they've had a look.

I value your comments and feedback. But whether or not you get in touch, whether you sign up with your real name or a pseudonym - thank you to everyone who's dropped by, and thereby contributed to the number of "hits" that Blogger tells me this site has had. (Except the spammers - please don't bother linking back to me anymore. But you, too, are welcome to read my posts!)

Thank you!!


  1. Was it me? I just headed out to Michaels tonight to get my peg people!

  2. It *was* you, Deanna! Welcome, and thank you.


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