About Godly Play®

Godly Play is a way of ministering to children (or people of any age), which includes the presentation of Biblical stories and lessons about the Christian church, using beautiful three-dimensional materials. But there is much more to it than just that.
(Thanks to my friend, stf, for this photo!)
  • Ideally, Godly Play is held in a worship space designed especially for (and reserved for) the children. This already demonstrates to children that they are an important and valued part of the church family.
  • Another ideal is that the Godly Play session should include several elements, including free time for the children to respond to the Word and Spirit through art or some other work/play, and also a "feast" - a snack shared during a fellowship time. The pattern of an entire Godly Play session therefore resembles a liturgical worship service.
  • Godly Play emerged from the Montessori tradition. It fosters a sense of wonder, encourages questioning, and acknowledges the Spirit of God to be working in the participants, however young they are. It is Biblical, liturgical, and beautiful.
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