12 February 2011


The most dramatic thing that happens in the Baptism lesson is the pouring of water onto a baby doll's head, to show what happens externally when a person is baptized. Probably the most emotional thing that happens is that each person in the circle is recognized and named, and a candle is lit for them.

But also very important is that the lesson begins with a symbol of the Trinity - three overlapping white circles - and "images of action" are placed on each one. Water for the God the Creator, the light of the Redeemer Son, and the dove and scented oil to represent the Sustaining Holy Spirit.

My white circles are a very soft white, maybe even cream. They aren't felt, but fleece, cut from a flea market blanket. My dove was bought new - a Christmas ornament from the Finnish design shop, Pentik. The oil is sandalwood massage oil, not ideal except that it's a very strong scent (the existence of the scent is emphasized in the lesson) and that the lid seals tightly. It's a plastic bottle, so won't get broken, but I'd like to replace it with a pretty glass bottle if I can find an inexpensive one. The ones at the flea markets all tend to be missing their tops!

I am most pleased with my pitcher and glass bowl. The bowl is really too small for the purpose, but it's so pretty, and goes so well with the little jug. I got them from two separate stalls at a flea market several months ago. I think they look great together, and the jug seems to fit perfectly into the base of the bowl. Even though some of the water dribbled onto the floor and one of the white circles during the baptism demonstration, it was easily wiped up with the white cloth I had used to dry off the doll's head.

So those are currently my baptism materials!


  1. and very nice they are too

    inventive that you cut down a fleece blanket - softer and more lovely than felt I think :)

  2. @stf: Thank you! You know, I worried about it a bit, but for these at least, it seems to work very well. I think they won't crease as much as some felt materials that I've seen.

    The great thing about fleece is that, like felt, it doesn't fray at the edges. And unlike felt, it's easy to find cheap at flea markets! :)

  3. Added at link here for you at http://allplayonsunday.blogspot.com/2011/06/trinity.html, love this post


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