23 February 2011

just a glimpse

Here is just a glimpse of my new materials. My helper snapped this photo with her phone on Sunday. As you can see, I had no fence for the sheepfold yet, so used the enclosure from the parable box. Three sheep cannot stand yet, but two are upright (one is hard to see - I wonder what color you think it might be). 

The Good Shepherd
The Good Shepherd and World Communion


  1. Actually I quite like the floppy sides to the sheep pen. It gives a continuity from the lesson from the week before - but more than that it speaks to me of fluidity - and movement. Into the relationship ... if you see what I mean?

    Stiff pen edges would of coruse be more in keeping with the role of keeping the sheep safe and in ... that said, I still remember you talking about why the gate isn't shut while the shepherd looks for the others. If the lost one did find his way home alone he would still be able to get in.

    I think that's an important picture for the church. All too often 'open doors open hearts' is not practiced - it's just a cool slogan.

  2. Your shepherd is so well made! He looks much better than the ones that the Diakonie here makes for Godly Play. Unfortunately, I never learned how to work with wood.: (

  3. :) I'm afraid you've been fooled, Sheila. This is merely cardboard with fabric glued onto it. I'll write more about these materials soon, but they're very much low-tech and low-cost.


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