01 May 2011

Wondering about the Faces of Easter

Images by St. Michael's Workshop (UK)

Storyteller: I wonder which part of this story you think is the most important.

4.5-year-old: This (pointing to the Resurrection plaque).

13-year-old: I think the first one [the birth of Jesus].

3-year-old (jubilantly): I like ALL OF THEM!

4.5-year-old (quietly): Even the upside-down one? 

Storyteller turns over the Resurrection plaque to reveal the Crucifixion plaque.

13-year-old: That's important because Jesus died for our sins.

Storyteller: But that's not what 4-year-old asked. 4-year-old asked if we like that part. Isn't it interesting that there might be a part that we think is very important and yet we don't like it.


  1. The dialogue here between the 13 yr. old and 4 yr. old is priceless. The GP method helps us all learn from one another no matter what our ages happen to be.

  2. it's interesting too that it WAS upside down ... do we sometimes gloss over the death I wonder ?

  3. Seethroughfaith, I noticed that 4-year-old was very aware that the cross was there even though it was "out of sight". I think the lesson shows that the Resurrection turns the Crucifixion upside-down. But we don't forget about it, because "whenever we see this side, we know the other side is there" and vice versa.

    I agree with you that we all need to find the right balance in focus between "by his stripes" and "we are healed". :)


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