10 May 2011

not a problem!

Dear parents,

I'm so grateful for the chance to work with your children every week. They are teaching me how to be with children, how to listen to them, and how to respect their abilities. Godly Play, like old Eli, knows that God speaks to children as well as adults, and believes that we should honor that.

Please don't fret when I write something that might sound a little critical. I'm in a relationship with your children, and we have to learn together how to do Junior Church and Godly Play.

licensed image by Hardeep Singh
I promise that if I really think your child is misbehaving in a way that you should hear about - I will let you know.

Otherwise, I hope I can write here about my minor frustrations, mistakes I make, what seems to work and what doesn't... without making you feel like you need to apologize for them in the comments. I love all your children!

Oh, and please, please don't tell them that you read on my blog that they were naughty!

licensed image by Peter Klashorst
With love from Storyteller @ Easterkind.

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