31 May 2011

getting ready to come in

I was chatting with see-through faith yesterday, and she suggested the following check-list for getting ready to enter the worship space:

  • Do you have to go to the toilet?
  • Have you washed your hands? (whether or not you've just been to the toilet)
  • Do you have any gum in your mouth? (please throw it away)

copyright Tony Atkin, used by permission

Edited to add: See-through Faith was never trained as a door person; I've tried to avoid even asking her to try to be one. Our original agreement was that she'd be a responsible adult in the room, but otherwise as far as possible just another member of the circle. Yet for some time now she has been organizing the feast and is now beginning to take on responsibilities for helping people cross the threshold. I'd guess this is similar to the way the role of door person must have evolved for Jerome and Thea Berryman!


  1. @stf :)

    A "greeter" rather than a bouncer. You're not turning people away, but helping them get ready to come in!


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