01 May 2011

please bear with me...

Ever since I started the blog I've been wondering about watermarking photos. I've recently figured out how to do it with the software I have, as I'm sure you've noticed. I am experimenting with different effects - larger/smaller, more and less transparent, different colors...

Please let me know if there's an effect that you find too jarring or irritating. My goal is not to ruin the photos but just to attribute them. Once I settle on something that works, I'll try to go back and replace some of the less successful efforts.

On a related topic, I've begun to regret choosing the user-name "Storyteller". It'd surely be hopeless to try to search for my blog if that's all you remembered about me. Any thoughts on whether I should change my "name" (probably to Easterkind)?


  1. (Hoping this is in the right place now!)


    "storyteller Finland godly play"

    gives an instant hit to your blog. I don't think you need to worry too much!

    but if you do want a new name why not the name you use for your g-mail?

    I wonder if that's anymore memorable for those who don't know you face-to-face though ...

  2. "Storyteller godly play" brought up your blog as #11 when I googled it. I don't think you have anything to worry about.: )

  3. I love your name Storyteller! :)


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