06 May 2011

watermarks poll

This is part of my continuing effort to watermark photos without being too irritating. My goal in this is to allow people to enjoy and even reproduce the photos while keeping it clear where they've come from. So the "man" symbol is supposed to convey that the photos are not copyright in the strictest sense (this symbol is from Creative Commons), and the word Easterkind I hope will lead them back to this blog.

Which watermark do you like best (or hate the least)? Which is the worst? (To see larger versions, click on the photos.) I've set up two polls at the bottom of this blog. And you could also leave a comment if you like...






  1. d) is the least irritating!

    I do like the easterkind but where they are (and that they are so visible) is too much. If it were much smaller, feinter it would be a lot better.

    I'd vote for no watermark at all. But that's me

  2. I like the smaller watermarks better, but I suggest putting them in the lower right hand corner. The eye is naturally drawn to the right and I think it makes the watermark less intrusive. You could put "Easterkind" at the bottom - I think having it in order to draw people to the blog is a good idea. Just a few ideas.: )

  3. Thank you both stf and Sheila for the helpful comments! :)

  4. Symmetric is less disturbing than asymmetric, to my mind, that is, so anything with a blob in one of the corners is likely to be a tad irritating. That said, B. would benefit from a slightly less bright colour on the watermark text.

    /The Padre

  5. Thanks Padre. If I've understood right, you disagree with stf & Sheila, so no matter what I do somebody won't like it. Isn't that always the way? :)

    So far I have three comments and only one voter - other comments or votes are still welcome!

  6. In the end only two people "voted". They agreed that the best of the bunch was D, and the worst was B. Thanks to all who commented and/or voted! I do appreciate feedback. :)

  7. Finally had a chance to catch up on blogs, I vote for D, but is there any way it could be even more in the corner?


  8. Thanks, LA. And you've reminded me to strike out the part about the polls since they've expired already.

    I think for now I'll try for lower-right, unless lower-left seems less obtrusive to me, using a mostly transparent symbol where possible.


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