24 March 2011

setting up the room



Every time we do Godly Play, I set up the room like this. It is not a chore! I usually find that setting up the room helps me to prepare for the session. And sometimes I have help - one week a child who had arrived early positioned the Holy Family for me. I always have help with putting the furniture away and collecting the materials to be taken home again. 

(For a more detailed description of what is in our room, see the chart in this post and/or explanations of our different "shelves" in this post.)


  1. question for you ...

    why use a focal shelf rather than the altar table which is already there

  2. That's a fair question, stf. It would save moving two pieces of furniture :)

    I've had to re-write my reply three times, because it kept threatening to turn into a blog post of its own. Briefly, the two biggest reasons were: 1) The first time I went to look at the room, the table looked 50 times worse than it does in the photo here. 2) I worried it would be too high for all the children to be able to see and use the objects on it easily.


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