04 March 2011

seeing the fruits

David has just blogged about a Godly Play day that he did for adults in Spain (David Pritchard: Godly Play in Tres Cantos (Madrid), the original Spanish post is here). He includes a lot of nice feedback that he got, but what really excites me is that he also writes, we were blessed to have one church leader amongst us who had been brought up on this method in the States. He was able to share briefly how he felt about Godly Play as a child. You know, when they asked us at the European Godly Play Conference what suggestions we had for next time, that was exactly what I said: I'd like to meet some adults who grew up with Godly Play. I'd like the chance to talk to some "graduates" of the program! 

That's a long way off for me personally, but what did happen for me this week was during a visit with a friend here whose child comes to our Junior Church. The children were playing with Lego Duplo blocks. At one point, this child came across to the couch, where the mother and I were sitting, and showed me something like this:

--What a nice tower! (I said, and then tried to un-do my assumptions.) Or is it a tower? What is it?

(Yeah I know, I shouldn't have even asked that question, but rather stuck with something descriptive like This looks very tall. I'm a slow learner! Fortunately, the child didn't mind.)

--It's to pray with. It's for Junior Church.

--(cautiously, nervous that she would actually want to use it at church) You know, I think I'd prefer to use our holding cross at Junior Church. Because the other children might not understand, and think this was just a toy.

--It's Legos!

--Yes, that's why the other children might think it was just to play with.

--It's to pray with. You can use it now. And then give it to Mama. No grabbing!

(Be assured, dear reader, that I did not grab. I think No grabbing must be an important rule in their household right now.) Instead, I took the stick, and bowed my head and silently thanked God for this family and lifted them up in prayer. Then I handed it across to the mother, who also bowed her head for a moment.

Maybe you remember that I've posted twice (here and here) about my concerns over our prayer time. This was such an encouragement that for one child at least, it seems to be making a positive impact.

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  1. wonderful wonderful to read

    God at work - no doubt about it :)


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