27 March 2011

Faces of Easter control card

We have no Godly Play this week, because on the last Sunday of each month we have an all-ages worship service. But thanks to stf, here's a photo from last week:

In the foreground you can see the control card I made for the Faces of Easter (Lenten) materials. This lesson takes us through various important episodes in Jesus' earthly life, from birth to resurrection. [I'm trying out the plaque designs by Juliana Heidenreich. For now, I have used the free sample cards - the German GP copyright notice is printed right on each picture. In the longer run, once I know which pictures I like best, I want to pay for them properly (or ... commission my own drawings?!?).]

Something that had really struck me back in Advent was how easy the Advent plaques were to arrange. If you get them mixed up, it's easy to put them in order again, because the first one shows only one candle, the second two candles, and so forth. The hardest part is remembering to put them back in the basket "backwards" (the first goes in last, so that it is on top for the next time).

But with the Faces of Easter, a person cannot put them in order without remembering which story each picture relates to, and knowing the order in which these episodes happened in Jesus' life. So I made a control card, which I hope will work a little like a puzzle. You can see at least a portion of each card, and should therefore be able to figure out which plaque needs to be on top of which.

I wonder how it works with store-bought Faces of Easter cards. Is it easy to put them back in order?


  1. We've only done the faces of Easter series once so far ... but at this point I think I have to say I enjoyed the Advent one more, but I am not sure why. Possibly because there was more 'interest' in the felt ... what I did enjoy was how the group brought things from around the room to supplement the faces and the felt carpet. I think that was really really exciting :) And what GREAT ideas the kids had!

  2. You mentioned that you are using the free sample cards with the German GP copyright notice printed right on each picture. Would you be able to tell me where you obtained these? I would like to get some for our Sunday School.

    1. Sure! As you'll see when you follow the link, they also do ones for the lesson about Paul:


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