07 March 2011

art responses this week

This week I had hoped to snap some photographs of hands in action during the Response Time, but there was just too much going on and I never had a moment to even remember that I'd brought a camera with me. So I didn't get any photographs of our new rolling pin (for the clay/plasticine) or of the child who was the first (ever) to start working on a cut-and-paste collage. But I did snap a few pictures of the glitter glue paintings as they were drying after class. 

So far I have permission to display two of the three photographs I took. The mother of the artist who said no thinks that the child might reconsider after seeing the blog. But I told the child that sometimes church stuff feels kind of personal and private and that's okay. So possibly a third photo will appear here in a day or two. But if not, then be happy that the child has felt comfortable saying no

Notice the purple carefully placed in the corners

If you know this lesson you'll understand the inclusion of the gold cord


  1. Hi, Storyteller - I was wondering what the story was the prompted the response with the purple corners...

  2. Hi Jennings. Both paintings were done after the same lesson. I think the first child is still just exploring what can be done with glitter glue as a medium rather than doing anything representational, but who knows what the Holy Spirit may be doing inside? Perhaps there was some recollection of the lesson's points that purple is a king's color, and/or its use in seasons of getting ready...

    Myself, I just was really struck by how carefully the purple seemed to have been placed there. What it meant to the child I have no idea! :)

  3. wonderful

    also that you respect the 'no' ... because our response can be really really personal at times can't it? (and we can also feel that our work isn't good enough which is another issue but important too)


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