23 March 2012

variations on a theme (Lenten link-up)

I want to thank Sheila at Explore and Express for the idea of this Lenten link-up for Celebrating Lent and Preparing for Easter. It's enabled us to connect with various different bloggers, many of whom were new to me. Last week I showed photographs of different responses to the Faces of Easter story, all from bloggers participating in our link-up.

This week I thought I'd like do something related - to show connections that I see between different bloggers who are doing similar things but in different ways. For some of you it's probably easy to translate an idea you've come across on-line into something that will work in your home or your church tradition, with your children and the resources you have available. But for others of us it's difficult to see how to adapt an idea. I hope these comparisons will help you to think outside the box (or "outside the photograph").

These are the photographs that got me thinking about this. The first is Holly's photo (from Three-Sided Wheel) of her Lenten mantelpiece, and the second is Sheila's photo (Explore and Express) of her Lenten nature table this year.

© Copyright 2009-2012. Three Sided Wheel-Holly Nehls

© photo by Sheila from Explore and Express
Very different - Holly's is on a mantel, out of the reach of children (although here you can see that she has also provided materials for children on the hearth), while Sheila's is placed on a windowsill. But both incorporate the seasonal color purple, and both emphasize Jesus (Holly's with the empty cross, awaiting Jesus's giving of himself on Good Friday; Sheila's with the Christ candle and also those purple puzzle pieces, which fit together into the Mystery of Easter in the shape of a cross).

If you have already read these posts you'll know that Sheila's display, although inviting, is not for thoughtless play. The small bowl contains water for remembering or looking forward to baptism. The figures in the desert represent their family travelling through Lent - each member chose his or her own figure to place there. And Holly's display, although simple, is full of meaning and story because each votive candle represents one of the Stations of the Cross, which the family recall together in prayer every Friday during Lent.

So different and yet so similar. Do they give you ideas for a way that you could prepare a prayer shelf or corner in your own home?

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