18 March 2012

4th Sunday in Lent

This is the first time I've been in Junior Church since Lent began. I told five plaques' worth of the Faces of Easter and we created a wonderful assemblage to help tell more of the story.

The items brought to the circle were: the baptismal doll (because it's a baby and Jesus was a baby), the church clock, the desert bag, the Holy Family figures of the Christ Child, the Mother Mary and the Father Joseph, the Risen Christ cross, two parable boxes, flowers (like Easter lilies), the ark (not representing the ark, but either the boats that the disciples left when they followed Jesus or maybe the boat that Jesus taught from), and the Advent materials.

This really encouraged children to use story materials during our Response time. They got out the Baptism materials, the World Communion materials, the Great Flood materials, and the Great Family materials. 

On a more disappointing note, I should not have tried to show off to the visiting priest. I assured him that "we" knew several things about Lent. I know, it's not the done thing in Godly Play to encourage the children to perform like trained monkeys, and I got what I deserved, I suppose. They looked very blank, and I encouraged, What color does the church use during Lent?

One child answered reasonably confidently, Brown!


  1. Brown! Oh well...you've got to love the unpredictability of children! Thank you for adding me to your blog list. I am really appreciating making connections, especially being so far from anyone else doing Godly Play. My husband and I had our honeymoon in Finland, so it's also interesting to make that connection too. All the best, Hilary

  2. Thanks, Featherglen! And it would seem that you're bringing a bunch more traffic my way (people following links from your blog), so thanks for that,too! My blogger profile page has an email link if you'd like to be in touch that way. :)


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