08 March 2012

two weeks into Lent

Sheila and I are up to twenty contributions on our Lenten link-up. We'll continue accepting contributions all the way through Lent. Our theme is Preparing for Easter, and we welcome posts (old or new) about:
  • art projects,
  • nature projects,
  • Montessori methods, &/or
  • story-based religious education
Please, though, do include a link both to Sheila's blog and to my own, in exchange for us hosting this link to your own post. More details about how to join can be found in my original post. All contributions will be linked to that original post and to all these updates.

This week's contributions included two craft projects which caught my eye: Leslie's (Thoughts from the Sheepfold) prayer beads and Featherglen's finger labyrinth. (The photos below are used by kind permission of the bloggers in question.)

The prayer beads have an interesting twist - you can move the beads and thus keep track of how far along the sequence you are. Leslie suggests this could be a good way to keep track of a Lenten discipline, by moving a bead each time you remember to put it into practice. 

photo by Leslie Swaim-Fox, of From the Sheepfold

Featherglen's finger labyrinth is made of wool roving, needle-felted onto a fabric base. I believe it when she says that the technique of needle-felting the labyrinth itself was a meditative exercise!  

photo by Featherglen, more pictures and full tutorial here

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