05 April 2011

more faces of Faces of Easter

I've just read a really nice post by Sheila, over at her Explore and Express blog, about presenting the Faces of Easter material to an after-school club in Germany with a dozen children from grades 1-3. There are loads of pictures, and a lovely description of some of the things her children chose to bring to help to tell more of the story. It was especially nice to read the reasons that some children gave for the items they had brought.

Explore and Express: Easter Club Week 3/Oster AG Woche 3: This week the children heard a Godly Play story called “The Faces of Easter” that recounts important events in the life of Jesus ...

As I've posted in a comment there, I'm comfortable about not asking my children to explain what they've done. I think some of them are so young that it could be difficult to articulate their associations and feelings, and so I'm happy to keep things on an unspoken level right now. But perhaps during the feast I will more explicitly begin to offer space for sharing work or words if anyone wants to.

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  1. would be lovely if, next year, you could go into the primary school with either the Advent or Easter story ...


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