01 April 2011

The Grace

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ 
(Hold out your hands as if expecting a present)
And the love of God 
(Put your hands on your heart)
And the fellowship of the Holy Spirit 
(Hold hands)
Be with us all now and for ever. Amen!  
(Raise hands together on the word ‘Amen’)

Gian Lorenzo Bernini (ca. 1660)

I found this in the sample chapter of the Messy Church book by Lucy Moore. I think it's a cross-over item which could be used in both MC and GP!

[On the topic of "The Grace": When I lived in the UK I found that in some church circles, this was as familiar as the Lord's Prayer. Informal church gatherings would often end with someone suggesting, Let's say The Grace. It comes from 2 Cor 13:14... and it was perhaps John Wesley who popularized it as liturgy.]

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