24 September 2013

drawing the year

In my last post, I showed some seasonal drawings I'd done with a five-year-old friend.

I wonder if anyone noticed the little circles in the upper left of each picture. Remember my presenting the lesson about the liturgical year this summer? Well, my friend certainly did! As soon as I began to explain that I wanted to make pictures for the seasons of the year, she made the association. She pulled out a red tube of glitter glue and explained that it would ideal for that one red square that is HOT.

Even after I explained that I wanted the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall (rather than the liturgical seasons like Pentecost), she could not shake the memories of the Godly Play lesson. You can talk about how time is in a line and also in a circle, she offered. [This is how the Church Year lesson begins.]

Our solution was to draw the Circle of the Church Year in the corner of each seasonal picture. I suspect that this association may be why she decided to put even our large seasonal symbols in circles.

She also carefully drew churches inside the "church clocks":

She explained to me as she drew, this is the door and this is the window, but I didn't pick up on what she was doing fast enough. So the next church was extra-elaborate:

See that passage between the two doors? That's where the WCs are!

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