09 September 2013

a picture of being in the circle

I drew this myself, as part of an exercise for my spiritual director. (Please ignore the torn bit, caused by taping it up and then taking it down to bring home.)


  1. That's ingenious how you made stick figures sit "indian style"! And are the figures at the bottom part of "The Good Shepherd and the Worldwide Comunion"?

    1. :) Thanks, Sheila! Sitting cross-legged with hands on knees is a really important part of getting ready for us (although our backs aren't usually that straight!).

      The figures were representing the Holy Family, even though that now looks to me more like a camel than a cow or donkey. It was only after drawing the cross and maybe even the chalice and paten that I thought to represent the focal shelf in the foreground, so it's not "accurate", but does capture the feel it has for me.


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