05 February 2012

the one who was, and is, the light

In the story we remember on Candlemas, 
it says that many, many years before Jesus himself told people, "I am the light," 
a man named Simeon said that Jesus would be a light to the People of God 
and to everyone else, too. 

And so even though this is a green week in the church calendar,

today the color is white.


  1. Is this the YWC story or did you tell your own? (We don't have a GP story in German for Candlemas.) I also used a white underlay for our Candlemas story.: ) Your Simeon and Anna figures are great! Can you post a close-up picture of them?

  2. I agree with Sheila! Post more details! It never even occurred for me to do a Candlemas story, which isn't heard of much in Episcopal churches - at least none of the ones I've been associated with. Tell more! What is the picture of on the underlay?

  3. Thanks so much for the enthusiasm, Sheila and Browniesmoke! I'm on my way to answering your questions, starting with this post: http://easterkind.blogspot.com/2012/02/candlemas-links.html


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