06 July 2011

a theme song for Godly Play?

Hey soul! Is there anybody home?
Hey soul! Can you come out and play?

It's such a fine day. The Lord's come to stay.
He's just come to play, and he's singing his song.

These are lyrics from an album my parents owned when I was little. It has taken me a long time to track it down, for two reasons. The first is that I had remembered it as having been recorded by The Fisherfolk. In fact, it had been recorded by The Keyhole (the group which "morphed into The Fisherfolk" only later).

The other problem is that I had no idea what the name of the album was, although I could vividly remember the photo on the album cover. The two little kids on the cover were the spitting image of my brother, "Tommy," and his friend, "Tammy." (The names have been changed to protect the innocent.) So my family never called the album Sweet Jesus. We called it The Tommy and Tammy record.

Well, I've finally tracked it down. You can hear a thirty-second clip of the song, "Hey Soul", or even buy the MP3, here. It captures something of how I felt about Godly Play when I first encountered it (as an adult).

Hey soul, wake up! It's time to come out and play!


  1. I listened to the Sweet Jesus track, but didn't hear the lyrics you print at the top of your post. Help! Would love to hear them sung. Rock on, Storyteller! I'm introducing songs into our GP sessions - How Great Thou Art was our latest. I'm also thinking Taize tunes will be very suitable. Quiet songs. Yes!

  2. Nice to hear from you, Jennings, and thanks for pointing out that I was not clear. I've now re-phrased my post. The name of the album is "Sweet Jesus", but the title track is not the one I've quoted here. This song is "Hey Soul" - the third from last in the song listing on the website I link to. I hope you enjoy the clip!

  3. do you have the lyrics to the track 'sweet jesus' as I can't make them all out but love the song so much

    1. No I don't. I'm sorry I can't be of more help.


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