26 July 2011

the materials aren't the key

We know that not every parish can allocate generous funds for Christian education. We believe Godly Play is worth beginning with the simplest of resources. Without any materials at all, two teachers can make a Godly Play space that greets the children, shares a feast and blesses them goodbye each week. When Jerome Berryman began his teaching, he used shelving made from boards and cinder blocks, and only one presentation material: figures for the parable of the Good Shepherd, cut from construction paper and placed in a shoe box he had spray-painted gold.

The Complete Guide to Godly Play by Jerome W. Berryman

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  1. So true! Thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts today! I was writing on pretty much the same topic and quoted and linked to your posts at http://livingmontessorinow.com/2011/07/26/fitting-montessori-based-religious-education-into-your-home/

  2. Yep

    all too often we make the excuse "if we had x we'd do y" .... we can manage with a lot of imagination and a prayer.

    I love your thrifty alternatives .... and hope you will share them with the jr church even though they aren't church property. The kids and leaders like me love them...but even without them we ARE church and we CAN preach and respond to the Gospel :)


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