18 August 2015

on worship and play

High up on the list of things that hinder worship is the idea that there's some particular way to be good at it, that one can be more or less effective... 

(licensed photo)

Worship is simply the Christian word for the joy of existence.

(Giles Fraser, on "Thought for the Day")


  1. What a beautiful quote. I love that. I am hoping that you are able to respond to comments, as I have a question and have been unable to find an answer. I have been through training following the book "Young Children and Worship." Can you tell me what is the difference between YCAW and Godly Play? I don't completely understand. I love YCAW and how it has prompted my children's interest in the Scriptures and fostered a deeper love for our Father God. I want to incorporate this into our home, but want to make sure I discuss it and think about it correctly. Thank you for any information or direction you can provide.

    1. I'm so sorry that I didn't reply when you posted, April. The two approaches have a lot in common. My understanding is that YCAW is an adaptation of GP into a more Reformed Christian tradition. It sounds like it's working well for your family, which is great to know.


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