17 November 2013

Another geography picture (CGS)

One of my new friends from the Catechesis training course wrote to say, "You haven't blogged much recently." No, it's been a busy and chaotic couple of months, and I can't say I see much calm on the horizon either. But as a super-brief follow-up to my last post on geography, here's something that was hanging on the wall in the Leiden atrium.

I think it's meant mostly to reinforce, silently, the geography lessons. It could also be a way for children to check their work as they learn the locations of Nazareth (indicated by symbols of the Holy Spirit, the flame and dove), Jerusalem (cross), and Bethlehem (star).

A simple A4-sized map of Israel, laminated, and tacked to the wall with a drawing pin. It shows four regions, labeled in Dutch, each of which has been colored a different color with crayon (Galilea, Samaria, Judea, Perea). Three cities are shown, each with a small dot and a single letter (N, J, S) and then a symbol glued onto the map near each (a dove on a glittering flame-shape, a silver cross, and a red star).

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