18 October 2013

St Luke and the Gospel story

Earlier this month I shared a quote from a sermon by Stanley Hauerwas. That sermon was given on St. Luke's Day (2007). Here's some more of what he said:
The gospel... the story of Jesus, is known only because it has been told and retold through witnesses across time and space. These witnesses, moreover, actually become part of the story such that the teller and the tale become one. Indeed the witnesses become so much a part of the story that the retelling must incorporate an account of their lives if the story is to be truthfully told. We call such people "saints"...
Today we celebrate the feast of a saint called Luke. We do so because Luke, under the guidance of the Spirit, thought Theophilus needed an orderly account so that he might know the truth concerning the things about which he had been instructed. "Orderly account" is Luke's way of saying "story".
Stanley Hauerwas (A Cross-Shattered Church, p.47)

(the story for Candlemas, Luke 2:22-38)

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