09 June 2013

still wondering about the pearl

I am still wondering about the Parable of the Great Pearl (aka the Pearl of Great Price).

I wonder how you'd feel about someone spending his grocery money - or rent money - on illegal drugs...

... or designer clothes... 

... or gold jewelry. 

I wonder if you watched the video I linked to here, and how you responded to it.

I wonder how you'd feel about someone giving her life savings to a televangelist? 

I wonder how that's different - *is* it different? - from the story in Mark 12:41-44.

I wonder how much God really expects us to give. 

I wonder what God really expects us to give. 

I wonder what it is that we get in return. 

"Pearls being removed from oysters" by Keith Pomakis

I wonder if we are supposed to identify with the merchant (in the parable of the Pearl of Great Price) or not. 

If not, I wonder who the merchant could really be.

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