02 May 2013

a daydream

Vandriver and I are beginning to look ahead toward the end of our year in England... and I'm finding that I don't look forward at all to returning to my work in Finland. Instead I'm daydreaming.

What if there were a Godly Play job out there? Even a part-time one. Just for one "school year". Or might there be a Montessori day care that would take on someone with no paper qualifications for child care? (I can at least provide references and background checks and that sort of thing.)

The English church sometimes advertises jobs which are "house-for-duty", meaning you don't get paid but you get a house to live in. I'd consider something like that, but I fear those arrangements are for priests rather than children's workers. 

One part of my mind says it's just a daydream. But one part of my heart says, Go ahead and publish it, just on the off-chance that somebody looks up my email address (it's on my Blogger profile page) and sends me a job offer. We'd consider relocating! 

(p.s. Does this sound like I don't want to return to working with our church children in Finland? That's not what I mean! I'm feeling un-motivated right now about my "real job".)

1 comment:

  1. That's a bold step! Good for you, putting it out there like that and pursuing a dream. I pray that God will open the right doors.


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