17 January 2013

coloring the flood

I hope my godson won't mind if I share with you a card I recently sent him. As I typed out what I'd written, I began to wish I'd drafted it first and then edited it before writing straight onto the card itself, but sometimes just sitting down and writing is the way it gets done and actually put into the post!

art by Andrew Miles, photo by me

Dear [godson],
     I am so glad that your Mama sent me a picture of something you drew in your new art journal. I hope you enjoy using it even if sometimes things don't come out the way you expect.
     I wonder what you think of this picture? I think it's interesting that the waves are not just blue but so many colors. And it's not so common to draw Noah's ark so you can't see any animals! I wonder why the artist did that. (Except the dove. And that's interesting too because it's just a shape - no color and no detail.)
     Keep experimenting with your art and draw what you feel.
Love, [Storyteller]


  1. Oh my, that takes my breath away! What an amazing godson and what a sensitive godmother.

    1. Thanks Sheila! I hope I was clear, though: this is the card I sent to him, not the picture that he drew.


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