26 May 2012

doing fine

Thanks to the several of you who have commented on my post-about-not-doing-any-more-Godly-Play-for-the-foreseeable-future, or written emails. I am fine. In fact, writing that post really seemed to help me process my feelings (as did packing the room up so slowly and then walking home). I want to reiterate that I was as much to blame as anyone else for the lack of communication involved. And I alone was to blame for not anticipating  (the extent of) the emotional impact that our plans (to be away for the coming year) would have on me. And I am solely, exclusively, and certainly to blame for the way in which I seem to be unable to write about this without using really convoluted syntax and roundabout phrasings!

I'm very grateful for the support of commenters, emailers, and lurkers alike (since you lurkers are not completely hidden - I can see reports of the number of hits my site has received). I have no immediate plans for much topical shift in this blog. The pace of my blogging may slow. But there are so many half-finished draft posts in my blogger account that I'm sure I should be able to carry on posting for some time even though I won't be leading Godly Play in the weeks and months ahead.

Telling the story of the Holy Family.

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