06 December 2011

it never rains but it pours

I'm a bit embarrassed to realize that in the past week or so I've pointed my readers to two Godly Play blogs that were new to me, but I've never mentioned The Patch. I had overlooked it because I hadn't realized how much more GP-oriented it has become recently. This blogger, Kas, has recently taken up a post as a lay youth worker with YP4L (Young People for Life) in the Diocese of Leicester. And Kas also recently did a Godly Play training course! So suddenly there is a fair bit in that blog about using Godly Play.

In this post, with the GREAT :) title of "Easter Kind of Way" :) , there's a beautiful picture capturing the moment when one of the young children, having heard the GP Holy Family lesson for the first time, began retelling it to one of the adult leaders.

So Kas, too, has now been added to my blogroll in the right-hand sidebar. Good on ya, Kas!

1 comment:

  1. Only reading your message on one of the posts today had I realised how much GP had crept into what I have been doing here. Yesterday I planned the next few sessions of the monthly club, we're going to do parables. I had fun building the stories. so I now have, good Samaritan, Mustard seed, Good shepherd, and will order the sower and peal of great price..


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