12 September 2011

a group bulletin board?

Dear Godly Play folk, Good Shepherd catechists, and others working with children in church,

Would you be interested in creating a bulletin board together of photographs of Godly Play & CGS materials? I've recently discovered Pinterest - an easy way to save interesting photographs that you run across when browsing. You can also use it to share photographs you have taken yourself. The resulting collections (yours and others') can be a great source of inspiration!

Follow Me on Pinterest

If there were any interest, I'd certainly be up for opening up a couple of my "boards" for contributions from others, or even creating a few new ones explicitly to be group boards. I don't think that you need an invitation anymore to join Pinterest, but I'm happy to try to send one if anybody does need one.

Have a look and see what you think.

UPDATE: (13 Sept)
I've opened up several of my boards to be group boards, but each contributor needs to be added by me individually. It seems like I can't add you unless you have not only joined Pinterest, but "pinned" at least one picture. Probably all you'd need to do is "re-pin" one of my pictures to your own board? But so far I haven't been able to add anyone who doesn't have any pins yet.


  1. What a neat idea. I would love to. For some reason it's being screwy with letting me follow all of your pinboards, but I've gone through and clicked follow on several.

  2. Thanks, Ticia! It certainly is being screwy - right now when I try to add your name as a contributor, it says "name not found" (and the same with two others who started following me today). Maybe the site is overloaded today?

  3. Aha! I'm getting a little success now...

  4. I'd love the idea of looking at other rooms/materials! I feel like I work in a cave, away from other people when I make materials. Can you send me an invite for Pinterest? It says I'm on a waiting list....

    My husband just made me a "transition" shelf for the Books of the Bible and the desert box. I'd love to show it off!

  5. I'm happy to, Browniesmoke, but I think I'll need your email address. There should be a link on my "complete profile" so you can email me.

  6. I just requested an invitation, so we'll see what happens.: )

  7. Hi Storyteller,
    I'm getting caught up with blog reading and just came across this! What a great idea. I've been glancing a pinterest from time to time and it is visual amazing but I don't understand how it works. I'll try to join and see what happens... :)

  8. Hi! I requested and invite and am on a waiting list. If you can add me directly, I would love it. Otherwise, I'll be there when I can! Thanks!


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