02 June 2011

Happy Ascension Day

Happy Ascension Day!

Hallelujah! not as orphans
Are we left in sorrow now;
Hallelujah! He is near us

(photo by stf, cropped by me)

We celebrated Ascension Day last Sunday, using the lesson from Young Children and Worship. You can read more about that below.

Welcome to any readers who have followed the link from the Child in the Midst newsletter by Mary Hawes and Going for Growth. It's a real honor to be mentioned. I'm both thrilled and a little nervous, to tell the truth! Mary wrote to me and explained that she'd first found my blog by following a link from Sheila's Explore and Express blog, so thank you to Mary and Sheila, both, for the encouragement.


  1. there is surely a reason you cropped it the way you did - but personally I don't think it's an improvement :(

  2. Sorry, stf. (As you know, the original is on Facebook, for friends.)

    I probably ought to post about this, but I'm go back and forth about how much to include children's faces on the blog. This child's mother has given us permission, and I'm sure that's why you were pleased to get this shot. But for the moment, I wanted to crop it enough so that the child wasn't so recognizable. It's something I want to continue mulling over - not a final decision yet.


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